From a One-Room Schoolhouse to an International School of Excellence


From its onset in 1896, Sunset Elementary School, a one room schoolhouse, was destined to be a forerunner in education. It was there that 18 students learned their ABC’s in an area where the immediate surroundings were inhabited by Indians, deer, wildcats and pioneers blazing a new trails.

Through the years, the buildings, faces , and needs of the community have changed dramatically. Sunset, which is nestled in a historic site near South Miami and Coral Gables, has met these challenges and surpassed expectations. Through dynamic teachers, innovative programs, business partners, school volunteers, and a community of dedicated parents, it has raised the educational standards to new heights.

Sunset now serves an international community of students who come from over 50 countries and speak many languages. Presently, students from every area of Miami-Dade County attend the school, further helping to create a unique environment of cultures, abilities, and backgrounds. Sunset Elementary has been coined a “mini United Nations.’ It is no wonder, that it is recognized for offering a world-class education to its students.